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  • Advantages of the Meta Quest 3 VR-Headset

    Advantages of the Meta Quest 3 VR-Headset

    Since its founding in 2012, Oculus VR Inc. has revolutionized virtual reality technology and has been steadily bringing new and innovative products to market ever since. Just recently, the first information about model “Meta Quest 3” was leaked. What is the Meta Quest 3 VR headset? Meta Quest 3 is a standalone VR headset that […]

  • Buying real estate

    Buying real estate

    Have you been toying with the idea of fulfilling your dream of owning your own home for a while, but don’t know exactly what you need to consider? No problem, in this blog article we inform you about the most important things you have to pay attention to when buying real estate. First, think about […]

  • Selling real estate

    Selling real estate

    It may sound simple, but selling real estate is not to be underestimated.However, before deciding to sell your property yourself, there are some important points to consider. Keep in mind that selling a property takes a lot of time. You need to gather and prepare all the important documents, plan and conduct viewings, and prepare […]

  • The Yachting Experience

    The Yachting Experience

    We have already succeeded in our goal of developing the Real Estate Experience, which is why we are taking on the next challenge. Why shouldn’t a virtual reality tour also work through a superyacht? Through our large network, we managed to get in touch with the captain of a superyacht. He was more than open […]

  • Five reasons for Virtual Tours

    Five reasons for Virtual Tours

    With Azury’s Virtual Tours, prospective buyers can freely walk through their desired properties on all end devices and in virtual reality, and especially in VR they get such a realistic sense of space through the three-dimensionality as if they were actually on site. In this article, we summarize the five most important advantages of a […]

  • Brand Update

    Brand Update

    After four years of growth, innovation and change, it was time to say goodbye. Azury’s development and discovery process over the last few years, which went from classic to modern to innovative, brought forth the desire for a brand update. Bye bye gold – hello bright green. Not only has every single employee evolved and […]

  • Location expansion in Munich

    Location expansion in Munich

    Due to Azury’s rapid growth, we are pleased to move into another location in Munich within walking distance of Feinkost Käfer. Just a few meters away from our Experience Store at Schumannstraße 3 in Bogenhausen, which opened in February 2022, we spent the last months building a modern office space at number 9. This offers […]

  • Real estate agent

    Real estate agent

    A real estate agent is the person who mediates between the property owner and interested parties in a real estate sale. Real estate agents advise both parties equally and are obliged to neutrality. But what are the actual duties of a real estate agent?Real estate agents can be a great help to both property owners […]

  • Important criteria for independent real estate valuation

    Important criteria for independent real estate valuation

    Valuing a property can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home or apartment, an accurate appraisal is crucial to getting the best price possible. In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks on what criteria to look […]

  • Office opening in Luxembourg

    Office opening in Luxembourg

    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, just under an hour away from Azury’s headquarters in Saarbrücken, is simply something special. Three official languages (German, French, Luxembourgish), a very diverse demography and characteristic geographical features are just a few aspects that make Luxembourg unique in Europe. The country is aware of the growing challenges as an increasingly […]